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Sally Project

The smart Touchscreen-Application that can also be handled by Mouse!

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Sally Project
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What's new in v.

Sally is Freeware and OpenSource!

"I have always wished for my computer to be as easy to use as my telephone; my wish has come true because I can no longer figure out how to use my telephone."


Sally Project

a multimedia application designed for touchscreens that can be operated by mouse as well - the best of two worlds! 


Once upon a time…

Sally was just an idea of an application for All-in-one-PCs with touchscreen that should be the center of your everyday life. She should be easy to handle and able to manage a whole bunch of tasks. Sally was supposed to be cookbook, a notebook, your task manager, multimedia center and connection to your social networks. And Sally's outfit should fit your mood. The heart of Sally was thought to be an easy-to-handle touchscreen interface that uses different apps to manage lots of different tasks and can switch her whole appearance by using various themes as you know from your mobile. Some months later, Sally saw the day of light and was presented to an enthusiastic little crowd for the first time. Today, Sally has come to age and is much more than that. She is not only designed for touchscreens, she can also be used on computers with common input devices such as mouse or keyboard and with remote controls. Download Sally for free and change your mind! 


Get more Applications for Sally

The implemented plugin engine gives you the possibility to download more applications for Sally. For example an online Radio (eRadio) or ScummVM for Sally.

Go to the plugin area 


How should Sally look today?

From the very beginning we designed the complete UI theme able. So you can choose how Sally should look for you.

By changing to another theme you get a complete new feeling of Sally. A design will modify the way how buttons, dropdown boxes and font are drawn and it can also exchange the icons used.

Go to the plugin area an download more themes!


A "Smart Keyboard" with a brain

Using an on-screen keyboard can make you go crazy - we know that. So we have implemented a really smart keyboard in Sally.

Fist of all it will show you suggestions for your typing. Depending on your settings Sally will suggest you words exclusively in the language you have selected.

In advanced Sally offers you a "Keyboard Brain" - as we like to call it :) It will remember all words and sentences you have typed in before. Sally shows you suggestions ordered descending based on the quantity of use. This will help you to search for mp3 or typing a facebook message.


Creative People wanted! 

You are creative? Then create your own Sally Theme. Or you are a programmer? Then create your own application for Sally.

More informtions in the developer area  



Touchscreen Interface? For sure!

Most touchscreen applications are derived from tablet PC platforms and do not perfectly fit to bigger touchscreens. In contrast, Sally was designed for the use with these monitors, so you can be sure that the icons have the accurate dimension to be easily handled on your touchscreen. And a clever on-screen keyboard is always on your side if you need to type something. For example when your search for your favourite song or like to share your status update on Facebook.

(But Sally smart ... you can also enable the mouse cursor and use sally with your conventional mouse :)

So give it a try and download it today!) 


The MediaPlayer - or how Sally makes noise

The MediaPlayer is the heart of Sally.

It plays your music or videos.

It creates playlists and is able to save your lists automatically if you like. Sally generates the playlist title from the mostly played interprets in the playlist - so you can directly see what's in the playlist.

(With a few clicks you can play your favorite songs. The MediaPlayer will keep track of them. Or if you have added new music to your library - It knows what's new and you can add all your new music with one click to your playlist.)

Each Sally update delivers new functions and features based on user's requests - so be part of Sally's World! 



The ImageBrowser is another core skill of Sally.

Let Sally be your digital picture frame. It is very easy to display pictures from your hard disk or USB flash drive. The ImageBrowser can also act as screensaver that randomly shows photos from your library. 


Facebook Connection

You can connect Sally to your Facebook account. Sally will show you information about all your friends who are using Sally and who enabled the facebook connection. You can post a status massage or see that Bill is playing Metallica.

To be sure we have an "I Like" button in different applications such as in the MediaPlayer. By the time you click the button your current song or movie gets released to your facebook account. 


Support of Remote Control

Sally has implemented support for pc remote control. So you can easily control sally from your sofa.